Self Defence

New You teaches a unique blend of self-defence theory and practical which is ideal for any age range including men, women, children, young adults, mixed groups, beginners and advanced. Our courses and classes for children and adults are empowering and are a great confidence builder, not to mention a huge amount of fun. We teach critical life skills, awareness and vital self-defence skills. The classes are also ideal as positive interventions towards bullying and self-esteem. It covers:

Physical self defence
Body language
Verbal command
Understanding dangers and assessing threats
Psychology of an attacker

From the very first session you will have a basic understanding of self-defence and realise that it’s about technique rather than strength. You can enhance your skills in weekly sessions and learn many more techniques including knife defence work.
New You believe that these classes and knowing these skills are paramount to keeping you safe in everyday life. Although we all think ‘that’ll never be me’ or ‘that’ll never happen to me’ we hear more often than not of situations adults let alone our children face in everyday life and this knowledge will help protect you and becoming a victim.
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Private Sessions

These sessions are 1-to-1 which are tailored to your individual needs, following on from our consultation, so that we can work on an agreed plan and have the same understanding as to what your final goal(s) is/are.
The duration of these sessions can vary between 30-60 minutes depending, on your specific goals and programme that has been designed for you.

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private means that 2 or more people (up to 6) can participate in the same physical workout, aiming towards common goals.
Anyone who takes up a Semi-Private package will receive individual mind-set sessions and a bespoke nutrition plan.
The duration of these physical workout sessions can vary between 30-60 minutes, depending on the goals and programme that has been set out for you and your team.