Why Choose us

Here at New You Transformations we offer something different as Transformation Specialists, we don’t just focus on the physical part of training, we also educate you on correct healthy nutrition and equip you with a whole new mind-set, which will help to keep you on track, even when our journey together is over.
Each package is bespoke, meaning that before we start your plan we will go through your individual goals, current lifestyle and conduct a range of physical assessments, to ensure that we get the best results by knowing you.

James Wootton said – Great trainer, everything is tailored to your needs, has a great in depth knowledge of exercises and the industry!

We deliver our packages two different ways to suit you. We can offer either 1-to-1 or semi private sessions.
For more information or to book in your free consultation please visit the contact page of the website.

Private Sessions

These sessions are 1-to-1 which are tailored to your individual needs, following on from our consultation, so that we can work on an agreed plan and have the same understanding as to what your final goal(s) is/are.
The duration of these sessions can vary between 30-60 minutes depending, on your specific goals and programme that has been designed for you.

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private means that 2 or more people (up to 6) can participate in the same physical workout, aiming towards common goals.
Anyone who takes up a Semi-Private package will receive individual mind-set sessions and a bespoke nutrition plan.
The duration of these physical workout sessions can vary between 30-60 minutes, depending on the goals and programme that has been set out for you and your team.